FHHS Class of '56 and Friends
User Name and Password

Why the Contact Pages are Password Protected?

Over the last year there has been an increase in the harvesting of information from web sites. This is done by computers, known as "Bots" that scan the web looking for email and other personal data. In order to protect your information we now require a User Name and Password to access the Contact pages.

We don't have the time or energy to assign individual User Names and Passwords, you will find both on this page in a form that computers can't recognize.

Let us know, using the email tool on the home page, if you have trouble solving the following puzzles. We will send you the User Name and Password if you are registered with us. Please be specific as to your problem solving the puzzle, so we can make this easier for others.

From time to time we may change the User Name and / or the Password. You may have to re-visit this page to again.

User Name

The Technique we are using is based on a concept called "Captcha" (Completely Automated Public Turing to tell Computers from Humans Apart). If you are interested in learning more about Captcha you can visit this link -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captcha.