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FHHS '56 Home

Photo of the class of '55 (9-17). Class 9-15 Added 3/1/05. The musicians formally known as Tom & Jerry were in the Class 9-15.
If you have a Parsons JHS photo please send it to us along with the names of the students.

Linda found this Guide to FHHS on Ebay. It seems to have been published in the late 50s, after 1956. If you know when it was first published please let us know.
I have posted the introduction and will add more sections in the future.
You will need Adobe Acrobat to view this page.
Steve - 1/17/05

Pictures of a wide variety of activities: Sports, Cheerleading, Play Pro and more. This Section will be updated as we recieve new content. Send us your pictures.
Last update date 5/12/04 Added a Photo of SAR in 1958

Great photos of the class of '53 (9SP 3 & 9SP 1). The 9SP 1 Photo was added on 6/30/04. If you have a Halsey JHS photo please send it to us. Tom Nugent's 1955 Memories Page also includes Halsey JHS Class Photos.

This page is for graduation day memorabilia and photos. We need contributions, send them in. If you are looking for Prom Photos they are on a separate page (see link below).

This page is for photos sent in by classmates, friends and others. Share your Forest Hills and environs memories with the rest of us.

See if you can recognize your friends from FHHS in these 3rd Grade Pictures. You may even find yourself.

Includes Halsey JHS photos, Dodgers and Ebbets Field Memorabilia, and a set of Jahn's Memorabilia.
Remember? In 1955 Da Bums were still in Brooklyn and they won their first World Series championship.

Currently: Includes Photos from the Classes of '56 & '57. Send in your photos and we will add them. Updated 1/17/05

More Coming - Come Back Soon

FHHS '56 Home

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