Photos from the '40s and '50s

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Updated 9/18/03

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Photos submitted by
Vera Vrzal Karger, FHHS '51

The Famous Fashion store is to the right of the Tea Room. I remember the logo bags from Famous Fashion...chocolate brown with big white polka dots. My mother bought me camp clothes and name tapes in that store. Those were the days of the sew-in name tapes. She sat for hours sewing a name tape on everything...from shirts to socks, pillowcases...and even the cloth toilet kit with my toothbrush and soap in it.

Linda Kaskel Levine FHHS '56

This picture is labeled 1945 but the Bachelor's Daughter movie came out in 1946.

Linda Kaskel Levine FHHS '56

I worked at the theatre from 1949 when I was 16. I can recall the heavy, twill skirt and jacket that made up the uniform, I think it was maroon. I was young enough to feel kind of special in it. Like all usherettes, I had a flashlight with which to assist people to their seats. Depending upon the movie showing at the time, I could recite whole paragraphs from some movies, standing there in the dark, seeing a movie a zillion times!

Vera Vrzal Karger FHHS '52

'50s Girls
FHHS in Background

Freya's Sweet-Sixteen
February 1958

Top L to R: Beth Halperin MacAdam, Linda Brezner Gordon, Linda Kaskel Levine, Penny Rowen Sindell.

Most FHHS '59
Top L to R: Phyllis Halpern, Terri Lalin, Marilyn Dulchin, Myra Steiner, Hannah Roth, Wendy Rubin, Fran Roth -- 2nd Row: Maddy Machover, Jane '58, Carole Pomerantz, Harriet Einsenberg -- Bottom: Sharon Kalmus, Susan, Freya Strauss, Phyllis Finkel

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