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Reunion '11 Pictures

NYC 2011 Reunion -- Linda's Slide Show

Thanks to Richard Cooper '56, Linda's Slide Show is now available for viewing on You Tube.

Linda spent many hours selecting Forest Hills pictures and post cards from the many collected over the years.
She added content from our yearbook, pictures from our various reunions, and more recient pictures sent to her by
reunion attendees. We all knew she was doing a Slide Show, since she asked us for our recient photos, but I was not
expecting the result to be as delightful as it was.

If you were at the reunion you can now watch the show again. If you were not able to attend you should defiantly watch this
You Tube Video. Just click here: Watch on U-Tube.

1. Many of the pictures Linda used can be viewed on this site at the "The Way we were page" and the various Reunion pages.
2. Normaly I would be able to show a You Tube video on this web page but because of the use of copyrighted Music, which
is legal for educational purposes, You Tube has restricted the video to their site.