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Eva Metzger Brown Leads Child Survivor Meeting

Child Survivors (l to R): Peter Kahn,
Armond Derfner, Eva & Leon Rosenthal

Eva's original estimate for attendance at this meeting was 5 or 10 people. It turned out that almost everyone at the reunion was interested and we had to get a much larger meeting room.

If you would like to learn more about Child Survivors and this meeting just CLICK HERE

Additional Information on Child Survivors

Some of the audience at the Child Survivor Meeting

Norm at Reception Desk with Claire Shiry Ellis

Natalie Mattus Salmore & Husband Evan

Norm in Hospitality Suite with Audrey Samuels Kurtz

Ilan Rothmuller, Steve Halpern
& Linda Kaskel Levine

Linda and Claire presenting golf & poker prizes at the Dinner

Armand Derfner Texas Holdem Winner

Linda, Sally Weisbarth Weldon and Claire

Guy Clark, Michael Covel & Richard Dorsay

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Norm, Mike Wolfman and
Lenny Lambert's friend Miki Mark

Sherry Stampler Scott-Florio
and friend Bob Spinner

Martin Becker

Dinner Party

Sheila Gorsky, Michael Covel,
Carole Merritt with husband Alvin Chiski
and Mike Wolfman

Mike Abrams

Eva Metzger Brown and Bernard Saxe

Jacqui Morgan
(aka Jacquelynn Morganstern)
 & Barbara Bunsis Liss

Richard Dorsay, Ray Moldow and Ray's Wife Lindy (The Reunion tennis champ)

Peter Kahn and Wife Kay

Hazel Hecht Marino

The Chearleaders are:

Sherry Olan Berner, Linda Kaskel Levine,
Barbara Auerbach Goldberg &
Sally Weisbarth Weldon

John Lass and Wife Charlotte

Ron Parrott and wife Connie

Norm modeling the Reunion T-Shirt

Guy Clark and his niece, Tracy Enright

Lenny Lambert and friend Miki Mark


Arlene Nord Auerhan & Madeleine Lewis Kern

Claire Shiry Ellis and Michael Covel

Bernard Saxe and wife Joyce

Ina Eisen Roth &husband Herb

Armond Derfner

Bill Frisch & Wife Anita

Lynn Lopin Haims, Sherry Olan Berner' & Gloria Rosbach Mayer

Audrey Samuels Kurtz & husband Stephen

Chuck Cole and wife Doris

Joel Levine Decorating the Hospitality Suite

Marcel Interater

Leon Rosenthal & Eva Metzger Brown

Nancy Lederer Hoffman and Barbara Auerbach Goldberg

Ilan Rothmuller & Steve Halpern

Back: Lynn Lopin Haims, Gloria Rosbach Mayer, Sally Weisbarth Weldon, Arlene Nord Auerhan
Front: Cindy Lance Rosen, Sherry Olan Berner, Madeleine Lewis Kern

Phyllis Golden Spanglet