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Why has the Home page changed?

The Home page as has been re-designed to conform to the latest techniques and emerging standards. A few other pages, including this one, have also been designed with the new techniques.

The benefits are improved site navigation and faster download times. An added benefit is the education and amusement of your Webmaster. Comments are welcome, just email me at: steveh@foresthillshigh56.com


The Site Navigation area is shown at the left. There are two sections, the first consists of the four maroon "tabs" at the top. Move your mouse over one of these "tabs" to display the links. Then move your mouse down to the link you want and click. The dates, where displayed, indicate the last day that the content was updated.

The second set of links is located on the sides of Norm's cartoon picture. You know how to use these because you clicked on one of them to get to this page.

PopUp Blockers and Site Navigation

This site is free from popup ads but does use a number of popup windows to enhance site navigation. The site's popup windows are always in response to your clicking on a link. If you are using a popup blocker you may not be able to follow all of the site's links.

To test if your popup blocker is blocking navigation on this site: follow the link to the "The Way We Were" page and then click on the Jahn's Menu in the upper left hand corner. If you do not see the menu in a popup window you need to configure your popup blocker to allow popup windows for this site or disable popup blocking while you are visiting this site.

If you experience any problems we will be happy to help. Just email me at: steveh@foresthillshigh56.com