FHHS '56 and Friends
Old Friends in Orlando

2005 Class of '58 Mini-reunion in Orlando

Steve Salup sent us these pictures and the note that I have posted below the pictures.

Front Row left to right: Stu Schachter , John Vinocour, Mike Weiss,
Mark Struthers (not a FHHS grad)

Back Row: Fred Edelman, Norm Geller, Stu Hochman, Steve Salup

left to right: Fred Edelman, Stu Schachter, John Vinocour, Mike Weiss,
Steve Salup, Norm Geller, Stu Hochman

The '58ers

Picture the Braves, a fiercely proud baseball team of 6th grade boys, playing ball in the early 50's on the PAL field off of Queens Blvd. They honed their skills on the playgrounds of public schools in Forest Hills and Kew Gardens, and wore their red and white Braves jackets everywhere. Now fast forward 55 years to Morton's in Orlando. The group of men in their 60's eating dinner look rather ordinary to other patrons, but in reality they are a special group of former junior high school, high school, and college athletes, men who went from playing for the Braves to becoming part of championship FH varsity teams, playing baseball, basketball, soccer and running track. I don't believe that since 1958 have so many exceptional athletes (and good students) who ever put on FHHS uniforms gathered in one place at one time. We spent many hours reliving every moment that we spent wearing the FHHS tricolor.

The golf reunion was a rousing success, and at dinner we sang a credible rendition of "We March Along to Stephen Halsey Junior High." As we finished, another musical number came on the Musak(Paul Simon FHHS '58) singing his famous Kodachrome song... an appropriate addition to a great mini-reunion.

Throughout this emotional journey to the past, we all felt the impact of the neighborhoods and people from our past. It was a special place in time that has served over the years to bind us together better than raisin bran flakes. At our age, a statement like that cannot be taken lightly! On behalf of all of us (Steve Salup, Norm Geller, Stu Hochman, John Vinocur, Fred Edelman, Stu Schacter, Mike Weiss) We thank all of you for growing up with us in the Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Kew Gardens Hills, and Rego Park neighborhood. We all made each other better and created memories which we still cherish and which make us smile every day

Steve Salup FHHS '58