FHHS Old Friends at P.J Clark's
New York City, NY, September 22, 2012

Sept '12

A group of old friends from FHHS Class of '55 met in NYC. NY
This picture were submitted by Jaime Gonzalrs Monroy.

Dr. Bob Rosen, Dr. Dan Mena, Jaime Gonxales Monroy, Fred Prins, dr. Dave Peters

L to R: Donald Goldstein, Bernie Spirgel, Joel Maimon and Ron (Saul) Rifkin


L to R: Bunni (Carroll) London and Fran (Karp) Feir

Top Row - L to R: Bernie Spirgel, Donald Goldstein, ?, ?

First Row - L to R: Carole Smith, Lee (Keiser) Lawson, Bunni (Carroll) London,
Sandy (Friedlander) Stein, Fran (Karp) Fier, ?, ?, Joan (Reinhardt) Reiss.