FHHS Class of '56 and Friends
About this Site - History

The Beginning

In the mid 90’s Norm Friedensohn created this site in order to reunite the Forest Hills High School Class of 1956. His goals were to provide a home base for our classmates to reunite, celebrate our common past, and to bring as many of us together as possible for a 45th class reunion in 2001 .

As a starting point, Norm used the contact list from our 25th reunion party, and spent the good part of every day enhancing the web site, searching for classmates on the Internet, exchanging email with his classmates and other FHHS graduates. By the time the reunion rolled around, on June 16, 2001, he had located over 700 classmates from ‘56 and founded a FHHS Class of ‘56 newsletter. The web site and newsletter continue to thrive, and its audience has been expanded to include all of the FHHS Classes from ’55 through ‘59

Expanded Scope

Norm’s worked on this site for more than 6 years constantly adding content. The site featured the FHHS colors, graphics and music of the ‘50's, prom pictures, email contact lists, and “Now/Then” classmate photos. Today’s site retains all of these features with the exception of the ’50 music, which was not restored due to concerns about copyright issues. As the word spread his site gained many fans and Norm started receiving many inquires from those in other FHHS classes, from the mid to late 50's, asking to be included in the site and in the 2001 reunion activities. So the Class of ’56 Site and Newsletter were renamed to “the Class of ’56 and Friends from ‘55, ‘57, ‘58, and ’59. Today our mailing list of almost 1,000 classmates includes classmates from all five years.

At the time of the 45th Reunion in 2001, Norm was asked by the FHHS principal to head the FHHS Alumni Association. The concept included expanding the scope of the web site and Newsletter to include all FHHS graduates. Although this presented quite a challenge Norm jumped into the project with his usual energy and dedication. He worked for almost a year transforming the web site but unfortunately this project was never completed because Norm had to retired from his FHHS activities. The website now serves the Class of ‘56 and Friends from ‘55, ‘57, ‘58 & ‘59 exclusively. However, we do support a contact page for members of other classes.


When Norm retired he asked Steve Halpern ’56 to take over as Webmaster. Steve agreed, but because of time constraints a number of changes had to be made. The site’s scope was cut back to the Class of ’55 to ‘59 and Linda Kaskel Levine, ’56 agreed to handle the bulk of the correspondence and help with content editing. The site was moved from the multiple free web servers that Norm used to a fee-for-service host in order to simplify management, provide the room for future expansion and eliminate the annoyance from the growing number of pop-up ads on the free sites.