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If you know of other famous FHHS alumni, please let us know using the Contact Form on the home page or email us at contact@foresthillshigh56.com . Include graduation year and real name, if you know it.

We do not have the time or energy to research the Names and Information sumitted to us.
We are happy to receive Corrections.

Burt Bacharach ('46), Songwriter
Ina Balin ('53, Ina Rosenberg), Actress
Karen Barasch Wixon ('58), Special Effects Make-Up Artist (FX) for Film and Television
Louise Bernikow ('57), Author, Journalist
Rosellen Brown Hoffman ('56), Author
Art Buchwald ('47?), Writer, Cartoonist
(did not graduate)
Robert Chartoff ('51) Movie Producer ( "Rocky" films , They Shoot Horses, Don't They .. ) Submitted by Bonni Watson Gaines '65
Ron Chernow('66), Author
Ray Danton ('49 ?, Ray Kaplan), Actor

Steve Dunn ('57), Won the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his e-collection, Different Hours
Ian Eagle ('86), WFAN personalty, NJ. Nets announcer on Sports Channel
Alan Feinstein ('59), Actor
Geraldine Ferraro ('53?), Vice Presidential nominee
Norm Friedensohn ('56) Originator of this Web Site and Master Reunion Organizer
Art Garfunkel ('58), Entertainer (Simon and Garfunkel)
David Geisel ('43), TV Director
David Goldbeck ('60), Author, Publisher
Ernie Grunfeld ('73), Athlete, NY. Knicks
Anthony Heilbut ('57), Author
Alan Hevesi ('57), New York City Comptroller
Daniel Hevesi ('88), Senator
Jeff Hyman ('69), a.k.a. Joey Ramone, Lead singer of the rock group, The Ramones
Marty Ingels ('54, Martin Ingerman), Comedian, Producer
Bob Keeshan ('45?), TV's Captain Kangaroo and the first Clarabelle the Clown on Howdy Doody
Claudia Henschke ('58), Claudia is responsible for the development of early cancer detection methods.
Gary Kaye('66) TV Producer
(CNN Morning Show with Paula Zahn) Submitted by Bonni Watson Gaines '65
Julian Krainin ('58), Academy Award and Emmy winning motion picture and television producer/director
Gary Kurfirst ('64) Founder/Owner of Radioactive Records
Michael Landon ('54,went to FHHS, but did not graduate here. Eugene Orowitz),Actor
Al Levy ('49?), AKA Al Fredito, Latin Band Leader
Francisco "Frank" Lorenzo ('57), former owner of Continental Airlines, Eastern Airlines, People Express, and Texas Air
Robert Lypsite (?), Author, Journalist
Angus MacLise ('56), Poet, musician
Eddie, Michael and Dennis MAGID "THE MAGID TRIPLETS" ('60), Entertainers
Mathew Margolis (60), well known expert on the training of dogs as well a TV personality seen on ABC and NBC
Susan Mayer Bauman ('61), Mayor of Madison, WI.
Nomi Mitty ('57), Actress
Carol Montparker Taub ('56), Pianist, Author
Emily Perl Kingsley ('56), Emmy winning writer, Author
Ron Rifkin (Saul Rifkin '55) stage, film and television actor. 1998 Tony Award winner in Cabaret.
Dennis Rinsler(64) TV Producer
(FULL HOUSE ...) Submitted by Bonni Watson Gaines '65
Telly Savalas, Actor. He was a teacher at FHHS in the early 50s
Donald Scalzo ('69) rock band musician (Marshall Crenshaw Band)
Fred Silverman ('54 ?), Movie and TV Producer
Connie Simmons (40s ?), Athlete, NY. Knicks
Paul Simon ('58), Entertainer (Simon and Garfunkel)
Gary Smith (52), Tv Producer..
Produced Hullabaloo a variety program in the late 60's also was Jack Paar's stage manager .
Jerry Springer ('61), Talk show host
Dick Stockton, ('60, Richard Stokvis), Sportscaster
Steve Susskind ('60) TV and Movie Actor
Lubert Stryer ('54), Author
Dennis Tito ('58), Paid Russia $20 million to ride the spaceship to the Space Station
Danny Troob ('66), Hollywood and Broadway music arranger and orchestrator
Tatiana Troyanos, ('56) World renowned mezzo soprano
Leslie Urdang, (76), Hollywood producer
Robin Urdang, (did not graduate FHHS), Music producer
Terry Urdang, (75), Actress
John Vinocur ('57) N.Y. Times writer, Editor for the Times in France and Germany
Leslie West ('64, Leslie Weinstein) Rock band musician (Mountain)
Paul Witt ('58), TV and Film producer. Produced tv's Golden Girls and Empty Nest, plus many more.
Hal Wixon ('57), Film and Television actor