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Class of '57 -- Reunion '07 Pictures

Class of '57 -- 50th Reunion Pictures

This section contains pictures of the FHHS Class of '57 - 50th Reunion
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Mike Dyer Writes:

FOREST HILLS -- Yes, we returned after 50 years to see what happened to everyone.

And on April 28, 2007, the Class of '57 was treated to an enormous night at the La Guardia Marriott.

Bill Thompson put on a terrific show for the grads. We were treated to the sounds of the '50s (Elvis, Chuck Berry, Perry Como, Sinatra, Patti Page, and Dean Martin). The food was great. The bar was open all night.

Dancers were in their late 60s but they excelled on the ballroom floor. We had a Sunday brunch the next day but it was difficult to say good-bye. Leading ballroom dancers included Vic Rivera, Bill Thompson and John Merey.

I was glad to see old buddies Steve Levitt, Bobby Solon, Vic Rivera, Richie Lefleur, Danny Arutt, and Bill Artz. I'm also glad I had chance to meet Al Machenberg, lifetime military guy living in Virginia.

Bernard Cohen had longest trip -- coming from California. Machenberg was from Virginia and Rivera came from Florida. Solon was in Colorado. I only made the trek from upstate New York.

We promised to return in 5 years for our 55th reunion in 2012.